Orange Young Potential Boostcamp

Give your career that extra leg up and kickstart your ICT career Apply no later than 9 September
When From October 2018 till February 2019

Boost your ICT Career

Taking your first steps in the business world is very thrilling and challenging, especially in the ICT world. After all, ICT has a huge transformation power, with Internet of Things in the lead.
We are convinced that especially young women, such as yourself, can use an extra boost starting a career in ICT.

That is why Ingrid Gonnissen is launching the Young Potential Boostcamp, a unique and free project for female young potentials.
With this boostcamp – from October 2018 till February 2019 – she is offering you an inspiring, exciting and free development path that will give you an extra boost to your career in the world of ICT.

Ingrid Gonnissen built up an inspiring career in the wonderful world of ICT.
She became Chief Enterprise Officer at Orange and was named ICT Woman of the Year 2018.

The unique opportunity of this boostcamp

From October 2018 till February 2019 you will be guided by a personal mentor and you will have the opportunity to look over your mentor’s shoulder at work.
And we will provide support by sharing our experiences as well as unique insights.
During the Boostcamp Kickoff on 18 October 2018 you will have a seat at the table with managers from various top firms and you will be encouraged by informative discussions.

You will find extra information in the Boostcamp Roadmap.

It’s a unique chance to learn, absorb invaluable information and give your budding career extra momentum.

The topics of this boostcamp are 'Building a career as a woman in the world of ICT' and 'The Internet of Things in the workplace'. After all, ICT is sexy. The focus is not on technology but on the individual.

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Then enter the free Young Potential Boostcamp and kickstart your career.

Based on the answers on the registration form, a maximum of 40 young potentials will be selected to participate in the boostcamp.

You will be notified during the month of September whether you have been selected.

Subsequently, all the selected young potentials are invited to the Young Potential Boostcamp Kickoff on 18 October in Brussels.

Apply no later than 9 September

Join our boostcamp. Apply no later than 9 September

Want to know more? Download our roadmap!